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B & B economico in Madrid

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Hostal Castilla 2
Madrid, Spain

Not what I asked for... ... My reservation clearly stated 2 beds and yet they only had a room with one bed. The room so small, hardly room to put my feet on either ...

pernottamento e prima colazione in Puerto Misahualli

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Suchipakari Jungle Lodge
Puerto Misahualli, Ecuador

Suchipakari is a special ecological jungle lodge, situated in the Ecuadorian jungle, 4:30 hours from the capital Quito. Whether you are looking for ad...

prenotazioni bed and breakfast in Belem

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Impact House
Belem, Portugal

First sustainable hostel in lisbon....

prenotazioni bed and breakfast in Venice

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Villa Angelica
Venice, Italy

Villa Angelica is a completely restored house in liberty style dating from the beginning of the twentieth century....

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Effettuare prenotazioni economiche in un Bed & Breakfast come Hotel Rio Athens
In Athens Greece

Hotel Rio Athens
€39.00 per notte

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